Machining Centers / Machine Tools

The Spark model has been conceived to offer highly dynamic performances thanks to the modern inverted "T" configuration. It is a compact machine deriving from the results of optimized studies with the aim of reducing  floor space. The structures are extremely stiff and therefore guarantee highly accurate machining operations on workpieces with a maximum swing of 1300 mm.

Machining Centers / Machine Tools

The self-supporting structure requires no interventions on the flooring and furthermore, the installation and handling times are much reduced due to the base being equipped with only 3 supporting points.The chip removal and coolant management systems are characterized by  excellent performances and high efficiency. The Spark X 1300 Machining Center is equipped with an integrated automatic pallet changer which can be configured in an FMS with a pallet magazine ranging  from 1 to 3 levels.

Machining Centers / Machine Tools

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